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The dawn of the new millennium marked a pivotal turning point in the world of journalism and media. With technological advancements and the rapid growth of the internet, traditional news outlets faced the challenge of adapting to the changing landscape. In this era of information overload, the need for a news network that could navigate the digital frontier and deliver reliable, unbiased, and engaging news content became increasingly apparent. It was within this context that a groundbreaking news network emerged, forever altering the way we consume news and reshaping the very fabric of journalism. This article aims to explore the introduction and impact of this innovative news network. 

Pakistani wazir kharja ko roza e       imam hussain py hazri.

Karachi main mahnga doodh faoorkht krnay walon py action.

karachi main abdul majeed py hamla

karachi main nanar sher ke gasht

Muhammad Kahan 

        Chief Crime Reporter